Bucket List-Week 9

1. Visit Bora Bora 2. Learn ASL 3. Live in mexico with Ella 4. Go snorkeling in Hawaii 5. Go sky diving 6. Go to a poor place (like africa) and bring them resources 7. Go on the scariest roller coaster in the world 8. Learn spanish 9. Go to Japan 10.Learn Japanese 11. Solve a rubrics cube […]

Blogging Challenge #6

This weeks challenge is putting a quote on something of your choosing. I chose a quote from the book I just finished reading. As you may know, the book is called ‘The Way Back Home’ which I just recently did a book review on. The quotes I chose is “Your not lost, so long as […]

All About my Winter Break

First let’s start off on boxing day. I don’t usually go shopping on boxing day, but this year I did! I went to Conestoga  mall, and visited the stores Lulu Lemon and Pink. I got to use my Christmas money to shop for these clothes. For the rest of the break I hung out with […]

Bubble- S.Foster

  I’m just about to finish this book called Bubble. Its about a boy that has many diseases and hasn’t gone outside since he was little. His parents died in a car crash.He is now 12 and wishes to go outside. I definitely recommend to read it! https://bookpage.com/reviews/21263-stewart-foster-bubble#.WmoNWGinHrc