5 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge #1

  1. Hay Kayleigh! This avatar is so amazing! I really enjoy how much it looks like you! I can tell you have put so much effort into your blog over theses months starting with this! Amazing job!

    – Happy blogging! Ella

    1. Hey Ella!
      Thanks for the feedback! I think your avatar is very cool as well, it looks a lot like you!

  2. Hi Kayleigh,

    Your avatar is really cute! What website did you to make it? Your pet pig and hamster are also really adorable! Especially the names, the rhymes are incredibly creative. Do you have any pets in real life?

    Happy blogging,
    Figgy xx

    the link to my blog if you’d like to check it out http://fengfanw618.edublogs.org/

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